Sport and healthy living space: Are you on good terms with sport?

No festival without sport! Healthy food and sportive activities will be waiting for you!

10:00 am – We start the day doing yoga with Göksu Coşkun!

11:00 am – It is pilates time with Buket Demirkol and Aslı Karahan.

Right after, the games of our childhood; hopscotch, skipping rope, hula hoop… And then we blow our energy with Zumba! Had we ever mentioned the game park?

That’s why we call it “Street soul”!


Endless Abroad Education

From Street Festival to London…

@endlessabroad will send 3 person free of charge to language school in London for 2 weeks!

Are you ready to study in one of the three accredited schools of British Council, in the middle of London?

– Oxford House College

– Oxford International College

– The Language Gallery

For participation; buy your ticket already now, follow @sokakfestivaliistanbul and @endlessabroad and like the last post!



Do you know about the fantastic of the street, the Mürror, namely the “Smiling Mirror”?

This mirror, designed by Berk İlhan, will be waiting for you to give you the opportunity to smile to yourself.

Disco Experimenting Area – Once Upon a Time

How thin is the line between the past and today?

 “Once Upon a Time”… Virtual reality glasses, the old sumptuous days of Istanbul…

The VR will take us to the past of “street fun”.

We will get beamed up to a disco in the past times. 100% experience.

Project signed by Sali Ferad and Zeynep Arolat.

3D Painting & Doğa Yılmaz

Have you ever taken a selfie in front of a 3D painting? If not, you will have this chance in this festival with Doğa Yılmaz. He will bring his colors into life with a 3D perspective on the spot.

We are already curious!


In order to support kids between 7-13 of age, living in disadvantageous areas and let them develop their skills, ‘SosyalBen Foundation’ who organizes workshops and education seminars with this purpose, ‘Sayende Association’ who was founded also to support needy children and UNICEF, the leading right defender of children in the world will be on the festival area.

We dream of a society who raises happy individuals!

How about being everywhere, specially on the most delightful breakpoint of the city, without even without going anywhere?

Street artists, dance performances, nostalgic games and activity surprises… 

If you want to show your freestyle skills, you are welcome to perform. So don’t forget to bring your tools, if you need any!

Will you maybe be doing something you always said that you never would do? Nobody knows because it is Street Festival! 

All day long, unlimited fun. Just be ready!


Digital Art & Technology Experimenting Areas: Each festival lover is an art lover as well!

Inogarart Digital Art Technology & 3D Print Art Exhibition: The digital and new media projects led by our guest artist Heidi Boisvert from USA takes its place on the festival area. A big pleasure. Long live accessibility in art!

Kid’s Zone: In Street Festival, we don’t get children off the track! Because it will be much fun for them too!

Sport and Healthy Living Area: Do you get along with sports? We didn’t ignore sport in the festival. Healthy food and sportive activities will be waiting for you!

Fashion Place: Jewelry, accessories, clothing, souvenirs… We have bazaar for you where you either buy gift for yourself or souvenirs for your beloved ones. So don’t forget to save your shopping time!

The workshop and activity details are coming soon, keep on following!

Papier Mache

‘Papier Mache’ kraft pulp workshop of Ebru Baç who looks to wastepaper from a different viewpoint is in the ‘Street’!

If you wonder the miracles made out of paper; this workshop is for you!


We say “harmony of the details, the beauty of the entirety” and we give floor to henna workshop.

You are expected in the ‘Street’ to see the tricks and set out your skills!

Allianz Motto Music Nurkan Renda Guitar Workshop

Nurkan Renda, the guitar master whom we always keep on following by “Guitar Vlogs with Nurkan Renda”, will perform in his workplace, will tell the tricks and answer questions. Would you miss it?

Allianz Motto Music Kerem Sedef Percussion Workshop

Drum and percussion master Kerem Seder comes with his studio. Are you ready for a different musical experience? Come close and tap out!